Type: Webcomic / Comic series

Genre: Horror/Mystery/Thriller/Comedy

Format: Digital / Black & White

Launch date: October 1, 2015


Bella Mortis Presents is a webcomic series featuring short stories.
Bella is a demoness who tells you the stories while you visist her in her gloomy residence. Her stories will have various genres… Some will be supernatural, while others will feature subjects like serial killers, stalkers and other real-life horrors. Some stories will focus on suspence and mystery, while others will have a slight hint of fantasy and sometimes even comedy.

Website: www.bellamortispresents.com



Type: Comic series / webcomic

Genre: Horror / Mystery

Format: Digital / Black & White

Launch date: July 10, 2012



“Sally The Ghost Hunter” is a comic series that deals with Sally; a young girl that lives in an old house in the middle of some abandoned farmlands, far away from most people.


She lives there together with her cute cat, Mee, and a mysterious masked man who rarely talks. Her whole life revolves around hunting down ghosts, and in each episode she’ll meet different people that seeks her help to get rid of the haunting…


Website: www.sallytheghosthunter.com